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  • The HP Foundation is making a grant of US$300,000 to local nongovernmental organizations to help increase access to vaccines and procure much-needed oxygen for marginalized citizens. The HP Foundation has identified one NGO partner, Jubilant, and began rolling out relief programs from May 11th, 2021. HP is also in the process of identifying 2 more deserving NGOs with whom to partner to drive these humanitarian initiatives.


  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has converted 50 of its cloud-enabled eHealth Centers into Covid testing labs across India. These labs have already served close to 400K patients since May 2020 and will continue to support India’s efforts towards managing the pandemic. In addition, HPE is in the process of deploying 53 new Covid vaccination centers across India. These vaccination sites will help vaccinate close to 800K people over the next year.
  • HPE also is providing financial support to tech nonprofits doing critical Covid-related work on the ground in India, such as ensuring effective & equitable vaccine delivery, delivering life-saving Covid information to people through open-source tools and tele-training, and developing software that support health workers in hardest-to-reach communities. The HPE Foundation has provided a grant of $100K to UNICEF and its Red Cross Disaster Responder Program, and funds are being activated to support the Indian Red Cross in providing ambulance services, additional first aid, medical care and oxygen, as well as for the vaccination campaign.
  • HPE has also launched a special matching campaign for employee donations which has already raised more than $310K for UNICEF’s Covid relief efforts in India.





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