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Technological innovation is at the heart of solving the world’s greatest energy challenges, whether through development of the next generation of products or through the creation of new, more effective ways to reduce our energy footprint. Beyond enabling the reduction of energy usage in other sectors through intelligent efficiency, the engineers at ITI member companies are continually working to make technology products and production processes more energy efficient. The ICT industry has achieved dramatic gains in improving product energy efficiency. As an example, our companies have consistently doubled computations per kilowatt-hour for CPUs every one and a half years. As leaders in energy efficiency, ITI companies have taken the lead in voluntary energy efficiency programs like EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. ITI works as an industry partner with governments and other stakeholders around the globe to advocate for sound and forward-looking product energy efficiency policies, so that together, the private and public sectors can realize the full potential of ICTs. ITI is especially proud of our partnership since 2008 with The Green Grid in promoting data center energy and resource efficiency.

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