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Demands Grow for Facebook to Explain Its Privacy Policies. A parade of regulators, politicians and law enforcement officials demanded to know more about Facebook's privacy practices on Monday, as the fallout from the company's relationship with a political data firm continued to spread. (New York Times)

Congress wants to drag Google and Twitter into Facebook's privacy crisis. A panel of Senate lawmakers aims to grill the top executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter next month, the latest indication that the controversy surrounding Facebook's data privacy practices now threatens to envelop the whole of Silicon Valley. (Washington Post)

New cars are quickly getting self-driving safety features. Autonomous vehicles get all the headlines, but automakers are gradually adding advanced electronic safety features to human-driven cars as they step toward a world of self-driving vehicles. (Associated Press)
Tech trade groups urge DOD to rethink cloud strategy. The Department of Defense reaped more than 1,000 comments on cloud procurement, including suggestions for technology trade groups to reshape its approach on a planned single-vendor cloud deal. (ITAPS Trey Hodgkins Quoted, FCW)
Policy News
F.C.C. Joins Push to Limit China's Telecom Reach. The Federal Communications Commission is joining the Trump administration, Congress and other government agencies that have targeted Huawei, China's giant telecommunications equipment maker, as a national security risk. (New York Times)
Arizona Governor Suspends Uber's Self-Driving Cars From Roads. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday ordered Uber Technologies Inc. to suspend testing autonomous vehicles on public roadways in the state, a rebuke by a former supporter that takes the company's decision on testing out of its hands. (Wall Street Journal)
EU regulator won't rule out breaking up Google. The European Union's antitrust chief has not ruled out breaking up Google over concerns about its dominance. (The Hill)

Companies Seek Ways to Hold On to Customer Data Under New EU Privacy Law. Nicholas Oliver gathers reams of personal information about users of his mobile app: age, sex,location, profession, relationship status, and more-and uses it to send them targeted advertising. (Bloomberg)
With new plan, Macron wants France to win AI 'arms race.' French President Emmanuel Macron has set his sights on artificial intelligence as the next technological frontier France cannot afford to miss, and will launch a major "offensive" this week, officials said on Monday. (Reuters)

British PM May says EU looking at interim taxes on digital firms. Britain and the European Union are looking at whether interim taxation is needed to ensure digital firms are paying the right amount of tax, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday. (Reuters)

Canada's Immigration System Leaves Some Employers Wanting. Calgary-area farmer Ray Price has seen a steady increase in demand from Asia for his pork products in recent years but says he can't find enough workers to expand his business. (Wall Street Journal)

Report: ICE uses Facebook data to track immigrants. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses Facebook's data to aid in tracking down immigrants, including finding their cell phone numbers, ahead of its roundups, The Intercept reports. ICE has not returned Axios' request for comment. (Axios)

China draws up plans to promote standardization in electric vehicles. China said it will work to improve levels of standardization in its electric vehicle industry - a sector it is aggressively promoting to help combat smog and to position the country as a leading car-making giant in the future. (Reuters)
Industry News
Amazon wins grocery foothold in France through Monoprix deal. Monoprix, one of France's biggest grocery store chains, said on Monday it will start selling its products to customers in Paris through Amazon's Prime Now service this year, a move that will reverberate through the country's food retail industry. (Reuters)
Public still mixed on regulating Big Tech. An Axios-SurveyMonkey poll conducted last week shows that the public remains relatively split on how regulation of tech might play out. (Axios)
Facebook takes local news push worldwide. Facebook said Mondaythat it will expand changes to its newsfeed algorithm that make it easier to find local news to users worldwide. (The Hill)
AV Tech Is Already Improving Vehicle Safety. More new cars are coming with adaptive, automated driving features, and despite the technology being in the relatively early stages, it is already showing life-saving promise. (GovTech)

Is Silicon Valley over? Some say Silicon Valley has peaked, with some venture capitalists shifting attention to new opportunities in the Midwest, the New York Times reported earlier this month. (Axios)

Women and minorities in tech, by the numbers. If you feel like you keep reading about diversity in tech, well, that's because there is still not enough ... diversity in tech. (Wired)

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