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Intelligent Efficiency

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Intelligent efficiency is a systems-based, holistic approach to efficiency, enabled by information and communications technology (ICT). Experts estimate that if the United States were to take advantage of currently available intelligent efficiency opportunities, the U.S. could reduce energy use by about 12–22 percent and realize tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in energy savings and productivity gains. In addition, there are technologies that are just beginning to be implemented that promise even greater savings. ITI and our member companies seek to collaborate with the U.S. government and other stakeholders (see DESSC) on policies that will help mainstream intelligent efficiency and unlock the tremendous opportunity to increase both productivity and efficiency, while also reducing emissions. Smart policies can facilitate the deployment of intelligent efficiency in several key ways, such as leading by example in the public and private sectors, enhancing information infrastructure, and redefining regulatory business models to promote greater system efficiency.

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